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Summary of Observations & Recommendations Concerning Security Sector Reform

Much can be gained through a “combined approach” to partnership in Stability Operations. In Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the
Host Nation Security Force have recently taken such a combined approach to their partnership. Their new combined partnership is essentially an “embedded” partnership – where forces and personnel are “embedded” through co-location. An “embedded’ partnership facilitates development of a common operating picture (COP), allows fully integrated operations, and improves effectiveness of the team – from planning through execution. Additionally, when the activities of the “embedded” partnership are synchronized with other civil component efforts – especially at the local level – greater efficiencies are gained toward building capacity and achieving stability.

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SOLLMS Sampler Volume 1 Issue 1- Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping Operations

This lessons-learned compendium contains just a sample – thus the title of “sampler” – of the observations, insights, and lessons related to the protection of civilians in conflict environments from the former SOLLIMS data repository. All data from SOLLIMS has been transitioned to JKO. These observations are worth sharing with military commanders and their staffs, as well as civilian practitioners with a Stability Operations-related mission / function – those currently deployed into conflict environments, those planning to deploy, the institutional Army, policy makers and other international civilian and military leaders at the national and theater level.

Rule of Law Activities: Lessons Learned

Restoring and promoting rule of law is one of the most critical elements of stabilization reconstruction in failed, failing or fragile states. It is increasingly recognized as both a critical enabler of and contributor to security sector reform. U.S.-led stability operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan recognize rule of law as an essential component of a successful counterinsurgency strategy, and important lessons are emerging from both conflicts. This paper Rule of Law Activities: Lessons Learned will review some of the most important best practices emerging from U.S. rule of law activities.

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