DOD WPS Training

DoD Introduction to Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) (1 hr.) / J3TA-US1398-A

The purpose of this course is to give DoD personnel historical and global context for the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) mandate. During this course students will learn about the events and actors that shaped UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on WPS globally and in the U.S. They will also learn why WPS is important to national security, and about the DoD’s role in fulfilling the U.S. WPS guidance. This is the first of two courses on WPS implementation.

DoD Women Peace and Security Implementation (1 hr.) / J3TA-US1398-B

In this course students will learn how the DoD implements WPS within its operations, activities, and investments by integrating a gender perspective. Students will learn key terminology for WPS implementation and how these terms apply to DoD WPS implementation. During this course, students will also become familiar with DoD WPS defense objectives, the activities that make progress towards their accomplishment, and tasks to support your mission moving forward, as well why a gender perspective is necessary for the DoD to fulfill its statutory WPS requirements and achieve U.S. national security objectives. This is the second of two courses on DoD WPS implementation.

J3O P-US1389-Role of the Gender Advisor (1 hr.)

This course provides a general introduction to the Gender Advisor’s role and function of integrating a gender perspective in military operations. The course presents gender advisor duties; gender analysis in NATO-led military planning, operations, education, training, and exercises; gender perspective and gender analysis in strategic, operational, and tactical military planning; gender perspective in Security Force Assistance; and how to prevent and respond to Conflict-Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. Estimated completion time is 1 hour.

Improving Operational Effectiveness by Integrating Gender Perspective – (1 hr.) / J3TA-MN1292

This training is a basic-level course for all military and civilian personnel, particularly applicable to those working with NATO. It is designed to be an overall introduction to understanding the relevance of integrating gender perspective in military operations with examples from the tactical level. This course will help all personnel gain an understanding of what forces might encounter. This will improve situational awareness and thus provide for better force protection which will enable the end -state to be reached in a more comprehensive and sustainable manner. This content of the course will provide you with the basic concepts and tools needed to apply gender perspective within your work. Through interactive scenario-based exercises, you will gain an understanding of how the different needs and roles of men, women, girls and boys impact military tasks and functions. Focusing on the examples of checkpoints, patrolling and engagement with the local population, you will learn practical lessons on how applying gender perspective contributes to operational effectiveness. The overall classification of this course is NATO UNCLASSIFIED.

Defense Acquisition University: Women, Peace, and Security for Security Cooperation Course

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