Develops, integrates and assesses joint, intergovernmental, and multinational peacekeeping and stability capabilities to achieve national objectives across the competition continuum

Lines of Effort (Joint/Army): 

• Shape: Contribute to U.S., Allied, and Partner frameworks for stabilization and peace operations (S&PO) by advising leaders and developing policy, strategy, and authorities.

• Inform: Develop concepts, doctrine, and training to ensure our Army, Joint Force, DoD, Interagency, and Allies and Partners have the tools to execute S&PO.

• Prepare: Develop and drive training and exercises to prepare the Army, Joint Force, Allies, and United Nations forces to plan and execute S&PO.

• Improve: Capture and infuse Lessons Learned and create courses to improve leader and practitioner understanding of S&PO’ role across the spectrum of peace and conflict.

• Integrate: Coordinate efforts across all LOEs.