PKSOI-TRENDS Global case studies and simulation exercises are designed to aid the preparation of civilian and military professionals for deployment in complex operational environments. Placing them at the center of difficult decisions, our case studies encourage readers to identify with decision-makers and challenge them to recognize and struggle with key decision issues and their underlying dilemmas, deduce larger policy implications and discern lessons lessons with application to stability operations, peace building, civil affairs, national security and strategic thinking.

 Fostering an understanding for the operational complexity and diverse interplay of threats, actors, and operational responses across security sectors, PKSOI-TRENDS Global case studies aid the development of cognitive skills for making sense of new situations and recognizing the possibilities of shaping them in a desired direction. PKSOI-TRENDS Global case studies present state-of-the-art conceptual approaches to contemporary peace and stability operations and provide important classroom tools to promote learner-directed skill development.

Case Study Writing Videos: