MINUSMA – Mission’s Political Activities

From MINUSMA website

MINUSMA’s official website describes their activity as follows;

Supporting political process and helping stabilize Mali

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) was established by Security Council resolution 2100of 25 April 2013 to support political processes in that country and carry out a number of security-related tasks.  The Mission was asked to support the transitional authorities of Mali in the stabilization of the country and implementation of the transitional roadmap.

By unanimously adopting resolution 2164 of 25 June 2014, the Council further decided that the Mission should focus on duties, such as ensuring security, stabilization and protection of civilians; supporting national political dialogue and reconciliation; and assisting the reestablishment of State authority, the rebuilding of the security sector, and the promotion and protection of human rights in that country.

The UN SCR resolution for MINUSMA describes the prioritized mandates. The latest mandate (UNSCR 2480(2019)) followings as their priority.

  1. Support to the implementation of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali
  2. Support to stabilization and restoration of State authority in the Centre
  3. Protection of civilians
  4. Good offices and reconciliation
  5. Promotion and protection of human rights
  6. Humanitarian assistance

Those prioritized tasks varies from time to time in accordance with the political and stabilization process. In UNSCR 2423 (2018), one year prior to the current mandate, the prioritized task list was as follows;

  • Support the implementation of the Peace Agreement
  • Good offices
  • Protection of civilians
  • Promotion of Human Rights
  • Humanitarian assistance and QIP
  • Protection of the United Nations personnel

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