Staff Directory

TITLE NAMEWork Ext (717) 245-
Headquarters Division  
Director COL Liddick 3122
Deputy DirectorMr. Moffatt3028
State Department Advisor Ms. Rood3199
USAID Advisor   
Operations OfficerMr. Stepansky4237
IT Specialist (Contractor)Mr. White3506
PSO Training Support Assistant (Contractor)Ms. Arnold4828
Integration and Engagement Division  
Division Chief COL Wolfgram4269
Policy, Strategy, Concepts & DoctrineMr. Barone4310
Interoperability, Integration, and Interagency(Pent)Mr. Murphy703-614-2799
Human SecurityMr. McDonnell4686
International PO Analyst (Brazil)COL Garcia3129
Governance and Stabilization Division  
Division Chief COL Hirschey4415
SecurityDr. Millen4304
Governance & Participation and Rule of LawMr. Lieto3559
HA & Economic Stabilization & InfrastructureMr. Conley 4634
Assessments, Readiness and TrainingMr. Russell3031
Military Advisor for Rule of Law (DIMA)COL Stokes 
Maritime Stability Analyst (Contractor)Mr. Steiner3508
Lessons Learned Analyst (Contractor)Ms. Coplen3834
Governance Analyst (Contractor)Mr. Bolio3524
B111717 961-4299