PSOTEW Market Place


Throughout the Peace & Stability Operations Training & Education Workshop, the Market Place display areas will be accessible to all. The Market Place provides key visibility at this annual gathering of hundreds of Peace & Stability Operations practitioners, educators, trainers, and policy makers offering you an exciting access opportunity to this diverse community of practice.

The Market Place provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and ongoing activity amongst a diverse community. We invite you to share and explore your organization's novel ideas and information utilizing tabletop displays, discussion forums and at times presentations.

Your company name and logo will be featured on the Market Place handout which will be in the welcome packet distributed to all attendees, including senior Government, NGO, Academic and Military leaders and representatives.

Don't miss out on this tremendous complement to the workshop's objectives for fostering mutual participation in civilian and military training and education programs that improve strategic and operations planning, preparation, and execution in a civilian-military environment. Why not enhance your presence by helping enhance everyone's networking experiences?

For set-up and more information about the Market Place please contact PKSOI's Mr. Chris Browne at, (717) 245-4223 no later than March 21, 2018.