The 2018 Peace and Stability Operations Training and Education Workshop (PSOTEW)

The Peacekeeping and Stability Operation Institute (PKSOI) is pleased to announce the 2018 Peace and Stability Operations Training and Education Workshop (PSOTEW) where we'll share best practices and work through identified challenges while building community relationships, sharing tools and methodologies, and increasing awareness among stakeholders. This year's workshop is April 18th- 20th 2018 at the Army War College, Carlisle, PA.

2018 Overall Workshop Theme: "Struggle for Legitimate Governance"

Concept: Bring together CIV/MIL subject matter experts and practitioners to address relevant and focused topics which impact peacekeeping and stability operations. Participants will take part in theme-related work groups that will present findings/recommendations to a senior leader panel. The discussions across the work groups will be directed toward providing insights, assessments, and recommendations on education, training, and leader development within the community of practice.

Goal: This workshop traditionally brings together trainers, practitioners, planners, and educators from U.S. and international governmental and military organizations, non-governmental organizations, peace and stability training centers, and academic institutions to review training and education efforts in stability and peacekeeping operations to develop recommendations regarding what should be preserved and what should be changed as the community plans for activities in future complex operating environments. The goals for the workshop are:

  • to produce products that can be used to train and educate the joint force and international partners on peace and stability operations (doctrine/exercises/lessons learned, etc).
  • to provide a forum that addresses the equities of the community of practice (governmental and non-governmental agencies) and its activities
  • to foster collaboration between the joint professional military education and academic communities

Current Topics:

  • Protection of Civilians
  • Operationalizing the WPS Agenda
  • HA in a complex environment and Civ-Mil information sharing
  • Applied Learning and Accountability; Operationalizing the SAR: CSO and PKSOI
  • Civil Affairs' (CA) Role in Stability
  • Operationalizing Governance