Lesson Report: “Stage-setting” and “Right-sizing” for Stability – Learn the “Right Lessons”

“Stage-setting” and “right-sizing” are critical to the success of any major Stability operation. The
U.S. Government needs to learn the right lessons, and the right lessons do not come from Iraq or
Afghanistan. Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) was a total failure. Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and
Resolute Support (RS) were likewise total failures. The U.S. Government would be wise to learn the
right lessons – which come from Operation Joint Endeavor and the Implementation Force (IFOR) in
Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995-1996. “Stage-setting” and “right-sizing” were done smartly; resultantly, the
Stability operation was a resounding success. The U.S. Government needs to learn these lessons. To read this Lesson Report click on the link below to download the Lesson Report click on the Download button.

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