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Staff Directory


TITLE Work Ext (717) 245-
Director 3122
Senior Advisors
Prof. P&SO and Assistant Director 3028
State Department Advisor 3199
USAID Advisor 4197
Deputy Director
Deputy Director 3369
Operations Support Specialist 4237
Research and Strategic Communication Analyst 4423
Admin Support Assistant 3722
Admin Support Assistant 4803
Research and Communications Analyst 4223
Peace Operations Division
Chief, Peace Operations 4269
Peace Operations Specialist 3409
Peace Operations Analyst 4064
Peace Operations Training and Education Coordinator 3129
International PO Analyst (Japan) 3508
Peace Analyst - PO Staff Estimate (Contractor) 3411
Proponency and Stability
Chief, Proponency and Stability 4307
Chief, Proponency   3091
PSO Strategist/Concepts Analyst 4686
Strategic and Policy Analyst 4310
US Doctrine Analyst 3758
International Doctrine Analyst (Germany) 4474
Civil-Affairs (DIMA) 3331
Training/Leader Development/Material/Facilities  
PSO Training and Education Coordinator 3506
PSO Edcuation Support (Contractor) 4828
Training Development (Contractor) 4479
Lessons Learned  
Chief, Lessons Learned 3031
Lesson Learned Senior Analyst 4229
SOLLIMS IT (Contractor) 3834
Integration Team  
Proponency Integrator 4479
SOF Integrator 4055
Maritime Stability Operations Analyst (Contractor) 4417
Chief, Stability  
Professor of Stability Operations 3524
Sector SMEs  
Governance and Participation  
Military Advisor for Governance 4630
Civilian Advisor for Governance 3559
Governance Analyst (DIMA) 3331
Military Advisor for Security 4634
Civilian Advisor for Security 4304
Rule of Law  
Civilian Advisor for Rule of Law 3659
Military Advisor for Rule of Law (DIMA) 3331
Economic Stabilization and Infrastructure  
Military Advisor for Economic Stabilization and Infrastructure 4380
Civilian Advisor for Economic Stabilization and Infrastructure 3289
Humanitarian Assistance  
Chief, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance 4250
Research Assistant (Contractor)  
PKSOI General Contact info
Upton Hall, 22 Ashburn Drive