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Dr. Richard Love, JD, LL.M., PH.D.

Dr. Richard Love

Dr. Richard A. Love currently serves as professor, peacekeeping and stability operations, U.S. Army War College and Assistant Director, Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, U.S. Army War College.


Dr. Love is a leading authority on the relationship between international security and law, law of armed conflict and humanitarian law, sovereignty and instability, and crisis / risk and consequence management.  He is the course director for Peacekeeping and Stability Operations electives at the Army War College and since 1998, serves as an adjunct professor of law and policy at Catholic University and Georgetown University. Prior to joining the U.S. Army War College, from 2002-2016, Dr. Love was a professor and senior research fellow at National Defense University.  During this time, he directed several courses and supported crisis response operations including the 2004 Asian Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake response, the response to the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear crisis and the humanitarian and border control crises caused by the civil war in Syria. Outside of his teaching duties, Dr. Love designs and facilitates international security events and exercises and is a noted lecturer and author.  He holds a Juris Doctor in corporate and securities law, an LL.M. in international law and a Ph.D. in international relations.

Core competencies:

-   Law of Armed Conflict / Humanitarian Law and emerging legal issues during conflict

-   Senior Leader Education, mentoring and best practices

-   Andragogy and life-long learning 

-   Networks and strategic engagement

-   Teaching


-   Diplomatic and Exercise / Program Facilitation

-   Strategy and policy development and implementation

-   Crisis / risk and consequence management

-   Course and Syllabus Development; Developing Programs of Instruction

-   Law, Policy and Global Affairs / International Relations

-   Significant experience working with NATO, ASEAN Regional Forum, United Nations, ICRC, Combatant Commands and Sub-unified Commands and regional partners

-   University faculty and program engagement

Courses he teaches:

-   International Law of Armed Conflict

-   National Security Law

-   Law and Policy of Homeland Security

-   Complex Security Operations (Iraq and Afghanistan)

-   Peace and Stability Operations: Concepts, Principles and Challenges

-   Preparing for and Responding to Mass Casualty Event

-   Consequence Management: Responding to Catastrophic Events

-   Strategic Cultures and Conflict

-   Conflict and International Organizations

-   Diplomacy and Law

-   National Security in the Information Age

-   International Organizations

-   Congress, the President, Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

-   The Media and Foreign Policy

-   Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

-   The Gravest Danger: Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

-   Proliferation: Threats and Response