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Other PK Considerations Unit 4 (Parts 2&3)


This RAF Peacekeeping program of Instruction (RPPOI) has been develped to meet the needs of the United States Army Trainers required to train partner nations for service on United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions. Thiis POI has been constrained to a 30 hour training block to minimize the time required to prepare for missions and tasks not contained in a unit's Headquarters. Department of the Army Standardized Mission Essential Task List (HQDA Standardized METL). Approximately 80% of peacekeeping tasks are contained in the HQDA Standardized METL. In order to preserve time availiable for training, this POI trains tasks tat are unique to UN peacekeeping or require particular emphasis.




Instructor Notes

Conduct Part 1


Diversity Part 3



Contractors General Conditions of Contracts Anex II

Disciplinary Matters Civ Police DPKO MD 02 00994

MOU UN Amendment A 61 19

UN 10 Rules of Personal Conduct for Blue Helmets

UN Charter Articles 100 and 101

UN Financial Regs and Rules ST SGB 2003 7

UN general conditions services

UN Secy Gen Bulletin Basic Rights other Secretariat Officials ST SBG 2002 9

UN Secy Gen Bulletin INfo Comm Resources ST SGB 2004 15

UN Secy Gen Bulletin Retaliation ST SGB 2005 21

UN Secy Gen Bulletin Sexual Exploitation ST SGB 2003 13

UN Staff Rules ST SGB 2008 3

UN Volunteers Condition of Services)

US Secy Gen Bulletin Observance ST SGB 1999 13

We are UN Peacekeepers