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This RAF Peacekeeping program of Instruction (RPPOI) has been develped to meet the needs of the United States Army Trainers required to train partner nations for service on United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions. Thiis POI has been constrained to a 30 hour training block to minimize the time required to prepare for missions and tasks not contained in a unit's Headquarters. Department of the Army Standardized Mission Essential Task List (HQDA Standardized METL). Approximately 80% of peacekeeping tasks are contained in the HQDA Standardized METL. In order to preserve time availiable for training, this POI trains tasks tat are unique to UN peacekeeping or require particular emphasis.




Course Survey Intro to RAF PK Tng Unit 3 Part 1 Lsn Pln Unit 4 Part 2 Briefing Unit 5 Part 2 Unit 8 Lesson Outline
RAF PKSOI POI Extract Unit 3 Part 1 Slides IMCPP Unit 4 Part 3 Briefing Unit 6 Briefing  
  Unit 1 Part 1 MDMP MCPP Comp PoC Military Ref Guide Unit 6 Lesson Plan  
  Unit 1 Part 2 Unit 3 Part 2 Lsn Plan Unit 5 Lsn Plan Unit 7 Briefing Slides Carana
  Unit 2 Part 1 Unit 4 Part 1 Briefing Unit 5 Part 1 Unit 7 Lesson Outling  
  Unit 2 Part 2     Unit 7 Lesson Overview  
Class Room Training Materials STX 2.1 Patrolling Lane STX 2.3 Checkpoint Lane STX 2.7 Convoy Escort Lane Unit 8 PE Handouts Carana Intro Docs
STX EX1 ALM AAR Template AAR Template AAR Template EXI Instructions Country Study
STX EX2 Planning Maps Maps Maps EX2 Instructions Maps
STX EX3 Lane Development OC Notes OC Notes OC Notes EX3 Instructions USG PNG Guidance
STX H1 Characteristics Overview Overview Overview EX4 Instructions UNSC Res
STX H2 Planning Proccess RPI RPI RPI EX5 Instructions Peace Treaty
STX H3 Task Discussions Sit Sit Sit H1 Design TST RPT
  Leppko Study Leppko Study Leppko Study H2 Design UNAC Org
  Sit Maps Sit Maps Sit Maps   ROE
  STX Maps       Mil CONOP
          HQ OPORD
          Prov Stude
Carana Scenario 1 Carana Scenario 2 Carana Scenario 3 Carana Scenario 4 Carana Scenario 5 Caranan Scenario 6
Overview Overview Overview Overview Overview Overview
1 1 1   1 1
1A 2 1A   1 FRAGO 2
2 2A 2   1A 3
2A 2B 2 Route   1A Maps  
3 2C 3   2  
4 3 4      
5 3 FRAGO 5 Carana Scenario 7    
5A 3 Mia Airstrip 6 Overview    
6 3A 7 1    
7 3B 8 2    
8 3C 9 3    
Xalksa Map 4 10 4    
  5   5