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Lessons Learned

OBJECTIVE (Lessons Learned LOE)

Collect, evaluate, and disseminate strategic and operational lessons learned (LL) on peace and stability topics



  • Manage PKSOI information-sharing system (SOLLIMS)
  • Collect strategic and operational lessons on peace and stability topics
  • Produce SOLLIMS Sampler (lessons compendium) on designated peace and stability topic - quarterly
  • Produce UN peacekeeping mission assessments
  • Manage mutiple Communitites of Practice (CoPs) in SOLLIMS - WPS, Civil Affairs, Religion-Peace -Stability, FHA, etc.
  • Maintain document libraries on peace and stability topics
  • Respond to Request for Information
  • Participate in Army Lessons Learned Forum


  • Provide SOLLIMS Overview/instruction for USAWC students
  • Review lessons submitted by USAWC students taking peace and stability elective cources
  • Provide SOLLIMS/LL training for organizations/agencies, as requested
  • Disseminate LL products and UN peacekeeping mission assessments to Army, Joint, and Interagency customers
  • Provide SOLLIMS overview for PKSOI visitors, as requested
  • Develop PKSOI topics/products/events for the Army Lessons LearnedAnnual Plan




  • Stability Operations Lessons Learned and Information System (SOLLIMS) is a web-enabled database.
  • SOLLIMS content covers the gamut of peace and stability topics.
  • SOLLIMS LL are primarly focused at the startegic and operations levels.
  • SOLLIMS is organized in multiple portals - regional (e.g.,Africa) and thematic (FHA, WPS, UN Peacekeeping, Counter - Corruption, Resilience).
  • SOLLIMS has multiple subscription options - Daily Digest (user's terms of interest), Communities of Practice, and portal announcements/updates.


  • CJCSI 3150.25, "Joint Lessions Learned Program"
  • CJCSM 3150.25, "Joint Lessons Learned Program"
  • AR 11-33, "Army Lessons Learned Program"



Joint LL Conference

  • Collaborative venue where the joint Staff (JS), Services, Combatant Commands (CCMDs), Compat Support Agencies (CSAs), and other LL organizations present issues, share ideas, and discuss/identify program and process improvements to enhance collaboration/issue resolution.
  • Attendees: JS, Services, CCMDs, CSAs, and the Interagency.

Joint LL Program Review (JLLPR)

  • Quarterly SVTC for stakeholders and community of interest to present issues, share ideas, and work together towards issue resolution.
  • Attendees: JS, Services, CCMDs, CSAs, INteragency, international partners.

International LL Conference

  • Biennial venue for international partners to share lessons and best practices from operations worldwide, enhance ll networks, and identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Attendees: LL profesionals from governments, militaries, international organizations, NGOs, academia, and private institutes.

NATO LL Conference

  • Annual event used to improve the NATO LL Program and discuss current and future NATO ll program of work.
  • Attendees: NATO commands, agencies, COEs, and defense structures/organizations, plus Partner Nations.

Army LL Synchronization Workshop

  • Annual event for production of the Army Lessons Learned Annual Plan, which consists of the Army's prioritization of LL topics, products and collection events.
  • Attendees: DA G3/5/7. Army Service Component Commands (ASCCs); Army orgaizations, and TRADOC COEs. ocial Media