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Joint Education

Description: Stability operations (SO) is the third essential part of balanced operational approaches and integrated plans that both accomplish military success and contribute to U.S. policy and strategy success. 

This site is designed to provide resources required to fully integrate stability into education for our future joint leaders and planners, Specifically JPME-1 partners of the PKSOI, and provide a collaborative venue with our 44 partner institutions. By doing this together we will establish a community-accepted standard for stability operations learning objectives.   


Vision:  This resource designed to be agile and dynamic in its support of improvements in joint planner education with respect to stability operations. PKSOI committed to providing resources to the JPME partners at the JFEC

  • Proposed community learning objectives for including stability in joint planner education
  • A concise set of key references for faculty instructors use in course design
  • Lesson plans that explain the importance of stability in military and U.S. success and methods for integrating stability into existing joint design and planning instruction.
  • Case Studies that highlight the successful integration of stability into joint operations.


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