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Foreign Humanitarian Assistance

Our Mission

PKSOI promotes the collaborative development, synchronization, integration, and coordination of Army FHA capabilities IOT prepare the Army and the Land Component to meet future challenges of relief efforts in support of foreign ntural and man-made disasters


What is FHA?



 SOLLIMS Sampler Volume 9, Issue 4

The Sampler contains a representative sample of lessons related to a specific P&SO topic – e.g. Women, Peace & Security. A new Sampler is produced on a quarterly basis.

 SOLLIMS Sampler Volume 6, Issue 3

This Sampler presents 10 lessons dealing with "concepts, principles and applications" of FHA.  It offers a comprehensive list of references, handbooks, and websites that should benefit all practitioners - as well as 3 annexes with civil-military partnering lessons.

 SOLLIMS Sampler Volume 6, Issue 2

This Sampler explores the complex issues involved in Foreign Humanitarian Assistance (FHA). It presents a lesson report containing ten lessons from recently conducted FHA operations.


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