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Operationalizing R2P: An integrated Approach for the Responsibility to Protect
"Bury the Dead, Feed the Living;" - By Dr. Raymond Millen

Bury the Dead, Feed the Living is more than a history on Civil Affairs; rather, it is a detailed account of how the United States conducted Stability Operations from the shores of Morocco to the mountains of Germany. Dr. Raymond Millen’s book serves as a primer on preparing, organizing and implementing Stability in the course of a conflict.

DoD Directive 3000.05 STABILIZATION

DoD Directive 3000.05 STABILIZATION

A Drone's Strike Away: Peace and Security in the Age of Automated Warfare
Joint-Certified Operational Gender Advisor Course

From 3-7 December 2018, PKSOI participated in the second Joint-certified Operational Gender Advisor Course (OGC) hosted at the USSOUTHCOM Headquarters. Dr. Elizabeth Lape, the J-7 Deputy of Individual Training and Learning led the course. Students who complete the OGC receive joint credit, and are qualified to serves as Gender Advisors (GENADs) on staffs in operational settings and during exercises.