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PKSOI's Professor of Stabilization, Dr. Rich Love Leads a Panel Discussion at the PKSOI / AUSA Strategic Stability Seminar

"Hybrid methods of warfare including deception, media manipulation, sabotage and other nonmilitary tactics, while not new, are increasingly hard to counter given their speed, scale and intensity, which are facilitated by rapid technological change and global interconnectivity". Click here to read more of Dr.Rich Love's article, "Beyond NATO: Building Neighbors’ Stability Key to Maintaining Alliance," available at AUSA.

PKSOI provides instruction at the Ethiopian Peacekeeping Training Center (EIPKTC)
United Nations Infantry Battalion Manual (UNIBAM)

PKSOI's COL Ryan Wolfgram (2nd row 2nd from right) represented the United States as a member of the United Nations Infantry Battalion Manual (UNIBAM). To access United Nations Manuals Click Here

PKSOI and USAWC Strategic Wargaming partner with UN, NATO, International Red Cross for innovative experiential education

Participants representing Austria, Belgium, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Togo and Tunisia, United Kingdom and United States are engaged this week in Helsinki, Finland, in the pilot run of a Protection of Civilians Course at the FINCENT Headquarters


PKSOI/AUSA Annual Strategic Stability Seminar

From left to right: AUSA President and former AFRICOM Commander GEN (R) Carter Ham, USAWC Commandant MG John Kem, former Deputy Commanding General to AFRICOM VADM (R) Michael Franken, and Commander, Allied Joint Forces Command Brunssum, GEN Riccardo Marchiò