MINUSCA – Casualties

Last update on: 24 November 2020

Information on MINUSCA casualties can be found at Fatalities by Mission and Incident Type or UN Peacekeeping Fatalities

The UN reports 123 fatalities within MINUSCA since 2014 (up to 31 August 2020). Of these fatalities, 40 are attributable to “malicious acts.”[i] The UN defines “malicious acts” as fatalities as a result of “war; invasion; hostilities; acts of foreign enemies, whether war be declared or not; civil war; revolution; rebellion; insurrection; military or usurped power; riots or civil commotion; sabotage; explosion of war weapons; or terrorist activities.” In contrast, “accidents” are defined to include “stray bullets, friendly fire, and road accidents” and other incidents, such as natural disasters. 

[i] United Nations Peacekeeping Fatalities, https://www.peacekeeping.un.org/en/fatalities

These products are the results of academic research and intended for general information and awareness only. They include the best information publicly available at the time of publication. Routine efforts are made to update the materials; however, readers are encouraged to check the specific mission sites at https://minusca.unmissions.org/en or https://peacekeeping.un.org/en/mission/minusca.


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